%%scale 0.9
T:Four Lit-tle Bytes of Ad-dress Code
C:Aaron Davies (words), Amy Fass (music)
Z:Aaron Davies
N:Thanks to Bob Kanefsky for the last rhyme in the last verse!
K:Eb clef=treble
P:R % Refrain
EE/E/ EE EG B,2 | FF F/F/F FA B,2 |
w:Four lit-tle bytes of ad-dress code, couldn't spare an-y more band-width load,
FF/F/ FF FA B,2 | BB/B/ BB E4 |
w:To in-di-cate the net-work node, four lit-tle bytes of code!
P:V % Verse
ED/D/ CD CB, =A,B, |
w:Four lit-tle bytes, all al-lo-ca-ted,
w:Four lit-tle bytes, a space all used up,
w:Four lit-tle bytes, a space exh-aus-ted,
CB,/B,/ =A,B,/B,/ _A,G, ^F,G, |
w:I-P-v-6 is an-ti-ci-pa-ted,
w:Frid-ges and toast-ers I-Ps have chewed up,
w:Plen-ty of room, once, but now we've lost it,
B,B,/B,/ B,B,/B,/ B,B, FB, |
w:Six-teen_ years we've al-rea-dy wait-ed,
w:When will the I-S-_Ps get clued-up,
w:v4 is dead, man, it's time we tos-sed it,
B,B,/B,/ B,B, E,4 |
w:Four lit-tle bytes of code!
P:C % Coda
B,B,/B,/ F4-FG | AG FE DC B,D | E8 | EB,/B,/ _CB,-B,D E2 |]
w:Four lit-tle by---------tes of code. Save on your sub-nets,_ four bytes!